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2013-03-24 15:21:33 by fullmetalcreeper

hello to who read this,i am a big creepypasta and minecraft fan,so i got a idea on my head,here is it:

i was playing minecraft,like i do every day,i have a mine,a big house,farm... i wanted more iron so i go to the mine and started breaking blocks,i heard zombie sound and go to it,there was a dungeon on the cave i found,i go to it,destroyed the spawner and open the chests,i found a book,called "death" by______ ,yeah,there was no name on it,i was scared,because i have already read herobrine story,many of them,on my mind i was screaming to myself "but i think they was all fake",i go back to my house,running,sleep,and when i wake up i open the book.there was only one thing on it:"let our game begin"only that,but there was soo much pages,at the last,it was herobrine face, i don't know how do he do that,but he do,so i closed the book and burned it on the lava lake next to my house,i picked up much food and my enchanted sword,and go to my secret place in case of a creeper explodes my house,i blocked all exits,but there was a tunnel,i don't remember of making it,i was scared but i entered it,so i heard a ghast sound and the exit was blocked with bedrock,and i was on survival,so i picked up my torches and i went deeper on the cave,killed some mobs,so i found a light,and it was the last place i go,there was some stone brick stairs,it was empty but,when i looked well,i give a gigant scream,there was things written on it,like "go back" "i see you" and "don't go alone" and my head was on it,no,not my user head,my real life head was on it,i never played minecraft again...

he see you

note:i made the image on paint



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